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Crimsafe® is a stainless steel security system that utilises Tensile Tuff® mesh, which is 0.9mm thick, with steel frames used to clamp the structure together.

itemprop="description"The security mesh is fitted between two pieces of aluminium before it is screwed into place with tamper-resistant screws. This system creates a barrier that can withstand massive force, as the patented Screw-Clamp™ grips the mesh, holding it in an almost unbreakable fashion.

Crimsafe® mesh allows for great visibility and ventilation, while acting as a filter for UV light. It can be built to reach from floor to ceiling and then bent to fit into a corner. Not only does this system suit window and door purposes, it makes it an ideal material for patio enclosures.

Internationally patented, Crimsafe® has created a truly unique product that can withstand force and remain visually appealing. In many impact tests, Crimsafe® has been the top performing security screen system, making it most likely to stop an intruder.

North Queensland Security Fitters are a licensed manufacturer of Crimsafe® products within Cairns, Mareeba and the Tablelands area. Let us discuss your design options and then construct a system to keep your home or business secure.
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